Water ionizers counters the effects of urbanization



With the massive increase of pollution with urbanization our water has become more and more filled with contaminants. Water ionizers now counters a the negative effects that urbanization has on our drinking water giving us clean and pure water from our taps.

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This article is designed to show why the water we’re drinking is bad for us, since it is highly unlikely that the urban water filters that are in place can filter out all of the little contaminants that are present in the water. Those contaminants are listed as part of the effects of urbanization on our water.
These contaminants will acidify the water once they begin to decompose and therefore you will end up drinking acidic water which pushes your already high level of acidity even higher. All of these industrial pollutants, caused by the industrial traffic can be filtered out by water ionizers and leave you with pure water to cleanse your body with.
Waterborne pathogens
Waterborne pathogens can be disease-inducing protozoans, viruses or bacteria that are absorbed by a person when they drink unprocessed or insufficiently treated water. There are two main protozoans which are receiving media coverage lately and they are Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Consumption of those can result in grievous problems within the digestive system, which could possibly be life-threatening for those people who are either very young or very old or those with impaired immune systems.
A large number of cities regularly examine urban streams to determine the level of certain bacteria within them, which have similar origins to the waterborne pathogens, although they are not detrimental. The sources are waste from humans or animals. The nontoxic bacteria therefore perform the role of indicators to alert the monitors of the likely occurrence of other bacteria that are unsafe. The water coming out of wastewater treatment plants which has been treated is also screened for these bacteria. Additionally, in some larger cities additional testing of drinking water has started.
Heavy Metals:
The deposits of various toxic metals have a tendency to accrue within the food chain and they can damage living organisms. Previously, the majority of toxic metal pollution originated from mining activities and individual sources, for instance wastewater-treatment plants and smoke-stack emissions. However, Federal and State regulations have resulted in the lowering of the level of toxic metal issuing from these sources. However metals have a predisposition to affix themselves to sediment and dirt, and therefore they are still ever-present within the banks and of beds many urban streams.
Pesticides are substances, either chemical or biological in nature, projected to manage pests, such as algae, insects, bacteria and weeds. Pesticides are used a great deal on arable land, but inside urban areas, it is mainly used on residential and commercial properties. However when storms hit, the rains runoff from both yards and roadsides and carry dangerous pesticides into local streams, where they may injure aquatic life and enter drinking-water supply intakes.
The results show that pesticides are prevalent within streams and ground water sampled within agricultural and urban areas of the Nation. As anticipated, the substances that have been heavily utilized are the substances that are discovered most often. They occur in geographic and regular patterns that mostly match the allocation of land use and the associated use of pesticide. The rate of recurrence of pesticide contamination, however, is far greater than predicted. At the very least one pesticide was found in almost every sample of water and fish composed from streams and in about one-half of all wells sampled. In addition the individual substances were rarely found alone, the majority of the fish samples from streams and about half of all samples from wells with a measurable pesticide contained two and sometimes more pesticides.
If you use water ionizers you will receive the pure alkaline water that your body really needs. The ionizer will counteract all the impurities that have been put in the water during the course of urbanization. The ionizer as a tool to counteract the affect of urbanization on our water has become more and more essential as time has passed and the condition of our water has decreased.
Water ionizers help us to counteract the effects of urbanization on us and especially on our water. These appliances will help us to cleanse and purify the bodies that have been badly affected by the process of urbanization, mostly due to the deterioration in the state of our water. The switch to ionized water from plain tap water is becoming increasingly necessary if we are to live healthy lives in this urban age.