Top Home Gyms Analyzed

This article was originally written by Abdul Martin

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If you are a home gym lover then I have got great news for you. We will analyze the best home gyms available and see the pros and cons
If you are looking for a top high-end home gym then look no further, Hoist V5 has it all.
Here is a list of its features
1–lat pull down bar
2– chest press
3–leg curl,
4–chest-high cable for a variety of core-conditioning and
5– dumbbell-type exercises.
The weight stack is 200 pounds.
Also another optional addition is the Leg press.
So what’s the cost?
Hoist V5 will cost you around 3000$ and in case you do not want the optional leg press then the price drops by 400-500$
Read what some health and fitness industry has to say about the Hoist V5 home gym
Outside Magazine calls the Hoist the “Cadillac of all-in-one weight-lifting machines,”
Also other excellent home gyms a little less expensive are the body craft family express which costs about 2300$ and the body solid EXM 2500S which costs 1200$
Other cheap home gyms
Power techs workbench leverage gym which costs around 800$ and the weider cross brow gym which costs 500$.
Also make sure the warranty when you buy a new home gym.
Hoist V5 offers a lifetime warranty .Recently if you were at the user forums there were mixed results.
Epinions and Fitness Infomercial Review are full of user complaints about the digital control breaking within the first few days or weeks of use.
But on the other hand you will also see the comments from happy users. So make sure you learn all the facts about home gyms before you invest in home gyms.
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