Top Birth Control Questions You Ought to Know



The many types of birth control methods available today help in promoting responsible parenthood among sexually active men and women. However, the lack of knowledge and info on the available contraceptive methods hinder some people from utilizing the convenience brought by using these birth control methods. As such, this article features some of the top birth control questions that can serve as guide to those who want to know more about the benefits and complications in using any type of birth control method.

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This article deals with
birth control questions

Using the various types of birth control options is one of the best ways to demonstrate responsible parenthood. With all the different contraceptive forms available today, some have difficulty in choosing which ones would work best for them.
Truth is, it is not that hard to choose a birth control method to use. In fact, there are a lot of means to know which ones are more effective, convenient, and easy to use. There is always the Internet that features numerous information on birth control options and, of course, medical consultations that can guide users on what they ought to know about contraceptive methods.
In line with this, below are some of the top birth control questions that one needs to know before deciding which form of contraceptive method to use or practice:
How do hormonal birth control methods work?
The birth control methods that are considered hormonal are the ones that contain progestin and estrogen hormones. These artificial hormones have different effects on the body, all of which prevent conception. Basically, these hormonal contraceptive methods work by stopping ovulation or fertilization. Such hormones also thicken a woman’s cervical mucus, thus, developing an unconducive environment for the sperm.
Is it recommended to use other forms of birth control while on pill?
Although birth control pills have high efficiency rate, some people still opt to use other forms of contraceptive to make sure that pregnancy is prevented. The most preferred type of birth control when a woman is already on pill or other forms of hormonal contraceptive are the barrier methods such as condoms. Condoms, just like oral contraceptives, are the top choice of most sexually active men and women for these are not only efficient in preventing pregnancy, but they also protect users from sexually transmitted diseases.
After discontinuing the intake of contraceptive pills, how long should a woman wait before becoming pregnant?
Once a woman go off with birth control pills, her body might take some time to adjust and resume to the normal menstruation cycle. For some women, it may take months or even one year. If one is finally ready for pregnancy, it is best to wait for at least two or more normal menstrual cycles.
Why does menstruation stop during birth control pill intake?
It is normal among women who are taking birth control pills to experience missed menstruation period. This is also typical for those who are taking progestin-only birth control pills. When a woman is regularly and properly taking her pills, then there is no reason to worry about pregnancy. To be sure, one can use pregnancy home kits or consider making an appointment to a doctor.
Is pregnancy still possible if birth control pills are taken on a regular period?
Unfortunately yes, there is still a possibility for a woman to become pregnant even though she regularly takes her birth control pills. Although oral contraceptives are highly regarded for their 99 percent efficiency, there is still a one percent chance for conception. The risk of becoming pregnant is also manifested (even if there is a regular intake of birth control pills) when a woman frequently takes antibiotic medications.