Water is essential for life



Water is essential for life. Humans have no capacity to store spare water, so we must quickly replace any that is lost.

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Water is essential for life. Humans have no capacity to store spare water, so we must quickly replace any that is lost.Water is the highway that moves nutrients and wastes between cells and organs. It carries food through digestive system, transports nutrients to cells and tissues, and carries waste out of our body in urine. Watery fluids act as shock absorbers, lubricators, and cleansing agents. For example, amniotic fluid cushions and protects the foetus, synovial fluid allows joints to move smoothly; tears lubricate and cleanse the eyes, and saliva moistens food and makes swallowing possible.
Water Excreation
We continuously lose water through various routes-exhaled air, perspiration, faeces, and urine. Water loss increases in an airplane. Fever, coughing, rapid breathing, and watery nasal secretions all increase water loss significantly.
Water Facts
* Our body consist of 55-75 % water.
* Water is the main food the body needs.
* The thirst reflex appears only when our body is dehydrated.
* We often mistake our thirst mechanism for hunger pangs.
* Children dehydrate more quickly than adults do.
* Mild dehydrate too slow down.
* Water dissolves more substances than any other liquid. Whenever it travels, water carries chemicals, minerals and nutrients with it.
* Tea, coffee and cola through made of water act as diruetic.
* Lack of water can induce daytime fatigue.
* Preliminary research says that eight to ten glasses of water a day could significantly ease back pain and joint pain for most of the sufferers.
* Drinking eight glasses of water can reduce risk factors for bladder, colon and breast cancer.
* When depressed reach for a glass or two of water. Depression and fatigue are often symptoms of dehydration.
* It is healthy to drink water with meals, as it aids the process of digestion.
* The best way of getting rid of water retention is to drink a lot of water.
* Water allows the body to metabolise fats more efficiently.
* For firm skin rely on good old water.
* Dehydration may induce contractions in pregnant women.
Go ahead and get your eight glasses of water every day.