The Magic Of Lasik Vision Correction



Want to see properly again? More and more people are having laser eye surgery. An outpatient procedure, it takes no more than a few minutes per eye, and patients can walk out feeling well and seeing clearly.

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It almost seems surreal. You walk into your doctor’s office wearing your glasses or contact lenses, you receive numbing drops, and within a few minutes, your vision has been restored to what it was when you were 20 years old. You can walk out of the doctors’ surgery in half an hour, leaving your contacts and glasses behind! With Lasik vision correction most people can say goodbye to glasses forever.
It’s amazing to imagine that a cool laser can actually change the shape of the cornea in your eyes. However that’s just what it does. The doctor will lift a small microscopic flap from your cornea and direct the laser beam to actually reshape the cornea so that light can be reflected more effectively. What this does is allow the eye to see properly again, eliminating the need for glasses or contacts.
Laser vision correction is very popular among actors who don’t like to be seen on screen wearing glasses. It is also a very common procedure for sports people and athletes, particularly those relying heavily on their eyesight… golfers and shooters for example.
It is important to find a doctor who will take the time to explain the procedure in full, and answer all your questions.
Some questions that you may like to ask include:
1. What percent of patients achieved uncorrected visual acuity?
2. How long has the surgeon been performing refractive surgery? Should be at least 3 years
3. How many laser procedures has the surgeon performed? Should be over 500
4. How many operations has the surgeon performed similar to yours? Should be at least 100
5. Has the surgeon ever had his malpractice insurance denied?
6. Has your surgeon ever had their license to practice medicine revoked?
While these may seem to be very direct and possibly even rude questions, just remember, this doctor is about to perform very invasive surgery on your eyes.
First performed about 1985, lasik surgery has certainly come a long way! What is now an outpatient procedure has opened up a whole new world of clear vision for those who wish to use it. It’s important to take extra special care with one’s eyes after the surgery, so that the risk of infection or any possible complication can be kept to an absolute minimum.