The Gym Can Be A Scary Place

This article was originally written by Paul Hegarty

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If you go to the gym a lot you get to see all sorts of people. You get to see those you are fitness enthusiasts; you see those who are confident and motivated. The gym at first sight can be intimidating and more so if you are out of shape. If you go to the gym frequently enough, you get used to seeing certain types: and what’s important to remember is that the majority are there for the same reason and that is to improve there physical well being.
Then as you start to work out and look around you see those who can’t look you in the eye. Their demeanor suggests they’re embarrassed. They look down move awkwardly, and are intimidated by the machines. This is a tough environment for these folks. I myself have been in situations where I could not use a machine and was too shy to ask anybody.
Like anything else nobody wants to admit that they do not know. I am sure you were there once. I am a male of the species so you could imagine what happens when I get lost out driving in a new city. Yes I fit the male stereotype.
Don’t delay about giving them encouragement. A simple, sincere smile would go a long way. Don’t give advice; don’t offer to show them how a particular machine can be adjusted. If you smile at them everyday, chances are by next week, they shall have mustered enough courage to ask you to help them figure out their fitness routine. It works