The Only Mistake You Can Make With Weight Loss

This article was originally written by Matt Adams

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When you’re trying to lose weight, you look for the most effective and fastest formula out there. Have you found it yet?
My guess is probably not, and it’s because you’re making the one and only mistake you can make in weight loss. The one mistake that has caused literally millions of people to lose the weight and pack it all back on, or just stay fat altogether.
And when you know what this mistake is and why it happens…you’ll know how to instantly solve your weight problem forever.
The only mistake you can ever make when trying to lose weight is not having confidence in yourself.
“What…are you nuts? Confidence?”
That’s right. Unless you have confidence in yourself, you’re more likely to put off starting a diet and sticking to it…you’re less likely to go to the gym on a consistant basis…and you’re more likely to give into your cravings for food you know you shouldn’t eat.
All of these behaviors come from a lack of confidence in yourself. You think you can’t do it because you can’t imagine yourself getting the results that you want.
Because of this lack of confidence, you can easily justify and convince yourself that it’s just not possible for you to have the results that you want (As you cave in yet again and quit your diet one more time)
Building a strong sense of confidence and an attitude that failure is not an option is absolutely necessary for you to have the lasting results you want from your weight loss efforts.
Without it, you’re going to become a victim of the up and down emotional rollercoaster of weight loss.
So here’s how you can start to build your confidence in yourself for long term weight loss.
Start by imagining as you go to bed yourself and the way you want to be. Really see yourself and get into that fantasy of being slim, sexy, and sttractive.
See, the problem you’re currently having is if you can’t imagine and see yourself getting results…you’re mind will resist the idea and you’ll never even start.
It’s like when everyone thought the world was flat. They couldn’t picture is being round and everyone feared they would fall off the edge of the earth.
The same it true for you. Until you can see it and imagine it, your mind will not accept the thought as a real possibility.
When you’re imagining yourself the way you want to be, really begin to see it, hear what you’ll hear (compliments of how great you look, and other thing you like), and feel the emotions you want to feel (Joy, happiness, success, CONFIDENCE)
You see, your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality. So when when you imagine things vividly…it’s the same as if they really happened.
And the more you have these “Imaginary/Real” memories…pretty soon those fantasy ideas will start becoming reality because you now start believing those fantasies CAN be a reality.
And when you’ve done that…that’s CONFIDENCE.
Start doing this exercise every night starting today…and see how you feel in a couple weeks. My guess is you’ll already start seeing some change come about…and it’s going to make you excited.
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